When Pinterest first came out, it had everyone talking about it. I had no idea what it was for a really long time. I was just getting started on Instagram at the time, and all other forms of social media. Once I figured out what Pinterest was and what it was used for, I became obsessed with it. There were so many different pages that you could make with one account.

I like to think I am a fit person, so the fitness pages are always some of my favorite pages. I love how you can find different inspirational quotes related to working out, different workout videos, and inspirational stories about other fit people/celebrities.

Once I moved into a townhouse, I started to cook a lot more. I love having my food page on Pinterest and find different recipes to try and make. There is always something fun and new to make for any certain occasion.

I think in my Prezi, I want to focus purely on the fitness pages. I think that these pages are always my favorite and I use them the most. I always take screenshots of the different workouts schedules posted by other people and try them as something different to get into shape. I think it is interesting that so many other people in the world are interested in the same thing that I am.

In creating my Prezi, I want to make it fun and interactive and be able to explain to people what Pinterest is used for and how to use it.


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