Pinterest Statistics

By the Numbers: 250 Amazing Pinterest Statistics (December 2015)

Pinterest has become such an interesting and useful cite. Users can find so many different things by using Pinterest. Over the years, the number of users and active users has gone up due to all different features on Pinterest. On Pinterest you can create your own account and make that account public or private so that people can either view your cite or you can keep it for your eyes only. You can also follow other people’s Pinterest accounts as well. People normally do this if they are really interested in a topic or something that this person “pins” a lot. On your Pinterest cite, you can create a bunch of different boards and title them whatever you want. On these boards, as you are scrolling through the feed of Pinterest, if you come across something that interests you and you want to save it for later, you can “pin” that thing to one of your boards. This is where Pinterest gets it’s name from. You “pin” something that you are interested in.

The cite that I found has a couple numbers and statistics on there to help explain and show the growth of Pinterest. This cite shows the growth of Pinterest in the year of 2015. As of 9/18/15 there are 100 million active users on Pinterest. On January 2015 it is said that there are about 176 million registered users on Pinterest. This might just mean that that many people have an account but do not use it as much as the other 100 million people do. I think that I will use these numbers to show how active Pinterest is and to show how many people actually use the cite. It is also interesting to see the percentage of male and female users of Pinterest. I think that I will create some sort of chart during my Prezi presentation that shows these percentages.

This cite also gives me a couple of statistics for Pinterest users. This cite shows some of the most popular topics that people post on Pinterest.


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