Compare/Contrast Tutorial

2 videos: compare and contrasting


Overall, both videos were not that bad. However, the first video was far too long. When I am looking to get a tutorial on something, I do not want to sit and watch a video on it for more then about 3 minutes. When comparing both videos, they both explain how to work Pinterest and what each button means on the site. The videos contrast from the quality, the explanations, and the length in tutorials. To make a good video, you have to be able to keep your audience engaged. The first video does not keep me as engaged because of how long the video is.

-explains Pinterest
-shows how to work everything on the site
-breaks down the whole site
-someone is explaining how to work Pinterest in the video
-each person explains how to work Pinterest on their own account

-one video is longer than the other
-you see the person in the first video and you don’t see the person in the second video
-the second video looks like an older version of Pinterest
-there are different boards on each Pinterest account


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