1st Time On The Web

The earliest that I can remember going online is to play online video games. I remember Disney Channel had the best online games. When I would wait for my mom to finish work, I would sit in her office and play online games until it was time to go home. The web then was very complicated to me only because I was so young and had no better understanding of the web other than what my parents let me do on the web under their supervision.

As I got older, I started to understand the web a little more. In middle school, I had to learn how to navigate the web for school projects and for online research. I remember having to figure out how to use the library resources from the school’s website.

Over the years, I can tell how the internet has grown and changed. There are many different obstacles that each site has overcome. I can tell the difference simply even with Google. Google has made it easier for it’s audience to find things on the internet. There are many things that it has to offer. It may sound silly, but Google is my number one site to try and find answers to things.

I have posted a link of Google now and what it used to look like.

Now in 2016


Then in 1999




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